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Your health plan ID card made clear

Your ID card has key information about you and your coverage. You should show it to every health care provider you visit. Let’s take a closer look!

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Member ID/group number

You'll need these numbers when you contact us or register online.


Anyone covered by your plan will be listed here.

Primary care provider (PCP)

Some plans require you to choose a PCP. Your PCP may be listed here.


If your plan has copays for certain services, you can see the amounts here.

Your network

Always seek care from providers in your network. It may help keep your costs down.

Referrals required

Check your benefit plan documents to see which services require a referral from your PCP.

Pharmacy benefits

If your health plan includes prescription drug coverage, show this section to your pharmacy.

Contact us

Look for our phone number, email address and website information in this area.

These are just samples. Your card will be personalized with your plan information. Certain details may appear in different areas on your card.
Lost your ID card? Go to® to print or order a new one. Or download the UnitedHealthcare Health4Me® mobile app to find a digital ID card you can send your provider. If you have dental or vision benefits, those ID cards are in the app and online too!