Trying to downsize your belly? There are no magic bullets. But a few tried-and-true basics can help you whittle your waistline.

Get started today! Take a closer look at these slimming strategies.


When it comes to exercise, think whole-body. Targeted muscle moves — such as situps and crunches — help tone abdominal muscles. But they alone won’t crush belly fat. Along with resistance training, you need regular aerobic exercise to do that.

Crunched for time? Find ways to fit more fitness into your day with the following tips.


Book yourself

Schedule workouts like meetings or other appointments. Or set your alarm early — and exercise before the day gets away from you. Just make sure you get enough sleep too!


Move at every opportunity

See those stairs? They’re calling you. How about parking the car — or jumping off the bus — farther from your destination and walking an extra block or two?


Squeeze in mini 10-minute workouts

Try shorter bursts of exercise, such as a few brisk walks scattered throughout the day. Watching TV? Do jumping jacks or march in place. Dance party, anyone?

For safety’s sake, talk with your doctor before significantly increasing your activity level.


For a healthy waistline, you need to rein in overeating too. Take in fewer calories with the following small, doable changes.


Trick your eyes

Eat from smaller plates so modest portions look more generous. And fill most of your plate with fiber-rich veggies, fruits and whole grains.


Take the edge off hunger

Beginning meals with a clear soup or green salad can help you feel full and eat less.


Eat slowly — and savor

It takes 15 minutes or more from the time you start eating for your brain to get the signal that you’re full. And make eating the main event. If you eat while browsing the Internet or watching TV, you’re more likely to munch mindlessly.


When we’re chronically stressed, our bodies release hormones that may add to belly fat. And if you’re flustered and frustrated, it can also make it hard to stick to your good eating habits. Find healthy ways to help ease stress with the following tips.


Leave it behind

Exercise is one of the best stress relievers. So when you get up and go with that first belly-busting strategy, you help tackle this one too.


Let it go

Try not to dwell on things you can’t control. If you’re struggling with that, turn to a trusted friend for support and to talk it through.


Practice peace — and gratitude

Do at least one positive thing every day that soothes you. Walk in nature. Sit quietly. Write in a journal. And remind yourself of things you’re grateful for.