Making a healthy morning meal can be surprisingly simple and fast.

Each of these options includes a whole grain, a lean protein or low-fat dairy food, plus a fruit or veggie. Ready, set, breakfast!


1. Zap a quick quesadilla

Microwave a whole-wheat tortilla with low-fat cheese. Add black beans and a chunky vegetable salsa. The beans bring protein’s staying power — while salsa supplies a healthy zing.


2. Layer up lusciousness

Parfait is French for perfect. As in, it’s perfect for breakfast! In a clear glass, stack low-fat yogurt, whole-grain cereal, and fresh or frozen berries or chopped fruit. Use a small jar with a lid — and it travels perfectly too.


3. Roll up a turkey-filled tortilla

What happens when you tuck lean turkey slices, low-fat cheese and roasted red peppers into a warm whole-wheat tortilla? You get a convenient to-go breakfast for any day of the week.


4. Give leftover pizza some love

A veggie-rich pizza on a whole-wheat crust is tasty morning or night. As for the classic question: To reheat or not to reheat? It’s up to you!


5. PB&B? Go bananas!

Try this spin on a favorite timeless sandwich: Spread some peanut or other nut butter on whole-wheat bread. Add banana slices. Pair it with a glass of cold low-fat milk.


6. Give brown rice new life

Have leftover brown rice? Combine this wholesome whole grain with low-fat yogurt, chopped dried fruit (such as raisins or apricots) and your favorite unsalted nuts. The dried fruit and nuts add texture and an energy punch!


7. Savor a sumptuous pita scramble

Fill a whole-grain pita with scrambled eggs, salsa and low-fat cheese. No pita? No problem. Use a whole-grain tortilla or toast instead.


8. Enjoy a tropical breeze

You’ll feel like you’re on vacation with this smoothie. Blend low-fat yogurt with unsweetened crushed pineapple and a scoop of dried, ground or cooked oats. Add a drop or two of coconut extract. Tiny umbrella optional.