Even if you enjoy summer, sweltering days can be too hot to handle. And it can go beyond uncomfortable — the heat can sometimes be dangerous.

Try these sizzle-free tips for comfort and safety.


1. Chill indoors

As much as possible, stay where it’s air-conditioned. No air-conditioning at home? Spend time in a cool public place, such as a library or mall.


2. Drink up!

Regularly reach for water or other nonalcoholic, low-sugar liquids — before you’re thirsty. If you’re working outdoors, drink two to four cups of water per hour.

Note: Ask your doctor if any medicines you take put you at increased risk of heat illness. If your doctor has limited your fluid intake, ask about your hydration needs in hot weather.


3. Be an early bird or night owl

The sun is strongest in the middle of the day. To avoid midday heat, try to schedule outdoor activities in the morning or early evening. For example, plan to walk the dog to start the day or to do a little gardening after dinner.


4. Shield your skin

Apply sunscreen about 30 minutes before heading outside. Seek the shade whenever you can — and cover your head and neck with a wide-brimmed hat.


5. Dress for comfort

Heavy, dark clothing can trap the heat. So go light — in both weight and color. And choose loose-fitting items that allow air to circulate and cool you.


6. Check on at-risk adults

Some people are more prone to heat-related illness than others. That includes people 65 and older and those with a chronic medical condition. To make sure they’re OK, check on them twice a day when temperatures soar.


7. Look after little ones

Babies and young children can easily get overheated. Keep them hydrated and out of the sun. On the playing field, encourage young athletes to take breaks and drink fluids. Play should be stopped — or moved indoors — in extreme temperatures.


8. Keep the oven off

Turning on the stove or oven will raise the temperature indoors. Instead of cooking a hot meal, make a cold sandwich. Or toss together a cool and tasty salad using water-rich foods like tomatoes and cucumbers.


9. No parking for kids or pets

Never leave a child or pet in a parked car — even with the windows open. Vehicles can get dangerously hot inside. It can happen quickly — and be deadly.