Would you like to get to a healthier weight? Many of us would. But that doesn’t mean it has to be about what we can’t eat or how much exercise we have to do. #buzzkill

When you spin your attitude — and take a more positive approach to losing weight — you may actually have a good time doing it. Let’s get started with these pleasure-over-pain tips!


1. Make a list of your faves.

Put in writing all the healthy foods you enjoy. Keep it on your phone. It’ll come in handy when you’re shopping or hungry. Include options for treats, such as a little dark chocolate, frozen grapes and fresh berries. New mantra: I will not be deprived.

Bonus points: List some new foods to try. You never know — they might go from “No way” to “Yay!”


2. Let fun be your new get-fit mindset.

It’s probably the best exercise hack ever: Do what you like doing. So if you’re looking for your fitness match, play the field. Make running dates with a friend. Test the waters with lap swimming or water aerobics. Try yoga, spinning, kickboxing, rock-climbing or dance classes.* Don’t like it? Swipe left.

*Talk with your doctor before significantly increasing your activity level.


3. Play in the kitchen.

Let your desire for a healthier life inspire tasty new dishes. It can be fun and gratifying (literally!) to try nutritious recipes — and to hack old faves for health. You might start your culinary quest by finding healthy recipes and ideas online.

Pay it forward: Post your faves to inspire your friends. #yum #healthy


4. Get out in nature.

Exercising outdoors, surrounded by living things, may send your spirits soaring. Nature might be as close as a walking trail in a local park. Looking for a real challenge? Consider an active adventure — like mountain biking, hiking or joining a cycling club.


5. Savor every minute.

Want to eat less — but enjoy food more? Meet mindfulness. The basics: Slow down and appreciate the aromas, textures and flavors of each bite. Eating mindfully may actually help prevent overeating. How? By giving your brain the time it needs to receive your stomach’s message that you’re full.


6. Be better together.

Do you know someone who might be ready for positive change too? Ask them to join the cause. Having a partner in health can make new habits more fun. Maybe that’s a buddy, co-worker or family member. And you don’t have to be in the same ZIP code or time zone. You can always connect and inspire each other from afar!


7. Celebrate yourself.

Did you hit your exercise goals this week? Rad! Did you stick with a healthy eating plan while on a trip with friends? Nice! Now give yourself a small reward. Skip the sugary or fatty treats. Instead, make it something that supports your efforts or just feels good. Maybe that’s new workout gear, a movie out or a relaxing spa night at home.


8. Focus on how awesome you feel.

Think about how great it feels to take charge of your weight and get healthier. Do you have more energy? Are you more confident? These positive vibes can make your weight-loss efforts seem less like hard work and more like what you deserve.